Clinical Research Phase One, Two, Three

Usually, much data needs to be organized and integrated in clinical research. Wolf Clinic serves as the most comprehensive as well as the most flexible clinical research management software. It is able to manage all administration, finance and research data. The software puts emphasis on helping users promote production and efficiency. It can simplify clinical research business by integrating data, patient's registration, schedule, budget and digital data harvest. 

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Cell Therapy

Help cell therapy center collect and analyze treatment data. Allow therapy center to provide customers with immediate treatment result. Let the customer feel the effectiveness of therapy.

  • Interface with different experiment instruments

  • Self-defined data collection

  • Interface with medical record system

  • Automized scheduling system

  • Cost control

  • Stock management

  • Storage tank management

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Gene Research

Help gene research center integrate samples and research data. Provide users with gene testing service at home with our system, the result will be informed online as well.

  • Interface with testing instrument

  • Patient scheduling system

  • Immediate reporting system


  • Specimen tracking

  • Manage specimen center's lab data

  • Manage specimen storage


Experiment Data Management

Ensure the quality of research data in laboratories. With visible storage tank management and process management system, which is able to interface with experiment instruments, researchers no longer need to worry about conflicts due to writing error.

  • Self-defined storage tank management

  • Self-defined experiment process

  • Manage laboratory supplies with stock system

  • Self-defined quality control process

  • Self-defined notifications


Long-Term Care

Monitor appointed person's health condition by self-defined wearable machine's sensor and data collection.

Emergency Center

Wearable machine's message can interface with cell phone APP and hospital system. User can arrange the alarm mode by themselves. When fall or emergency is detected, it will communicate immediately with family members or related association.