Why founded Wolf Dataware?

Daniel, founder of Wolf Dataware, starts this company because of a very simple reason. He would like to avoid any omission in medical data so that there will be no regret for patient’s friends and family. Every step in medical treatment needs to be taken care of. Any careless mistake may result in irreversible sorrow. Nowadays, most of the hospitals still require staff to fill in data manually, which makes mistakes hard to prevent. However, when hospitals try to use medical software to manage data, problems such as incompatible systems and unrevisable process occur.

As a result, through our software, medical data will be properly managed and hospitals can use Wolf Dynamic to construct different ways of diagnosis. By Wolf Dynamic, doctors can construct process management system on interface without engineer’s help. Since Wolf Dynamic uses dendrogram to make record, users can use its background to build up diagnosis process.

Hence, when there is any revision or renew needs to be done in clinical process, staff from hospitals can directly modify the system from background interface. This modification does not need engineers to change coding; hence, hospitals can reduce cost of maintenance and possibility of making mistakes. With background interface, making modification and renew in process can be more immediate.

Besides making impact in hospitals, we also hope to expand our impact toward humanitarian rescue. Now, in many places, without the help of doctors, residents rely on intellectuals to make diagnosis with simple process and give prescription. In future, in those places lack of medical resources, with our diagnosis system Wolf Diagnostic, residents can acquire suggestion of diagnosis and process of diagnosis will also be digitalized. As a result, we provide better medical care quality.

To achieve the goal, we will cooperate with non-governmental organizations, such as Yonglin Foundation, Doctors without Borders and even WHO in UN. The diagnosis system can provide remote area which has no doctors with better medical quality.

To sum up, Wolf Dataware hopes to make changes to the world. We want to protect fragile, precious lives. We ensure everyone with the ability to protect their loved ones regardless of where they live or what social status they are in.