First Management Trainee's Experience Sharing

I’m Carol, the first management trainee. Now, I work in Deloitte Consultant.

Be Brave and Step out of the Comfort Zone

When I first received the acceptance letter of this job, I hesitated. For one thing, although I had been the intern of several companies when I was in college, I never had any experience of start-up companies. I was not familiar to how the start-up company works and I did not know whether I fit for the job. On the other hand, I was afraid that small-scale start-up company had no ability to give me anything. If I worked in a company without the fame and reputation like big companies, will it be hard to find a new job in the future? I needed to make decision between this position and a position of a foreign pharmaceutical factory. In the end, I chose to join this company. On the one hand, I was still young. I was able to face failure. I should make decision that I would not regret in the future. On the other hand, I believed that the most important thing of a job is “people.” I believed that a right employer could bring me a lot. I had a great conversation with Daniel. That was the reason why I chose to trust him.

Nothing is Impossible

When I first joined the company, everything was still in initial stage. There were only three employees. We only had few simple ideas of what to do. We did not even have a product. My first mission was to develop our product as soon as possible and then show it on exhibition. From brainstorming, making business plan, investigating competitors, building up website, joining Hackathon to find a group, selling, finding suitable ingredient of product, writing product specification for engineers to develop to supervising the progress, we need to manage everything.

Although there was nothing in the company at first, Daniel still asked us to apply for the well-known international CES exhibition. I was living in my comfort zone at that time. I could not even imagine that I would apply for it in that kind of situation. However, Daniel encouraged us to try. “You will never know the result unless you try! No one is one hundred percent ready.” At that time, I did not believe him, but I had to follow what he asked us to do. Unexpectedly, we succeed! From idea to product, within two months, we brought our product prototype and flew to Shanghai. From developing and presenting, we worked hard. When we received the huge applause, we are moved. I felt that everything worth and enhance the confidence for the group. Daniel was right! “Nothing is impossible!”

Every Day is a New Challenge

As the company grew, besides the experience of wearable hardware, we also started to learn about software like cell phone App and customized systems in hospitals. Start with the App. When we were developing App for Android and iOS, I needed to lead four to five front-end engineers, one back-end engineer, one designer and two interns. From drawing the design diagram to investigating UI, UX and SA document, I broadened my horizon. I got to see more than hardware development. Afterward, from applying FB start, lunching our product, I kept experience the process of “try and error.” However, it was because that I kept making mistakes, trying, I got to understand the whole development process and details needed to be taken care of. Also, I got to know that, everything that we take granted of is actually based on pioneer’s hard work. (Let’s say this in another word. If we need to design a function to upload PDF files, we cannot only tell the engineers this. We need to consider whether there are limitations for the uploading files, whether it is ok to re-upload. If there are two identical files, how they are going to show in data base? Just cover the older one? Or use another mark to differentiate? Ect.)

The two-year experience as a management trainee helps me a lot in my current job. Experience of developing clinical customized system is also very important for me. At that time, since we needed to create a huge system in a very short time, every second counted. As a result, we started to use the popular scrum developing process and Kanban working. Moreover, to enhance efficiency, we applied stand umeeting. When building the system in hospitals, I learned how to interact with clients and collect needs. What impressed me the most is how to control the needs of constantly revising and growing demands of the customers. All the mentioned experience and ability is useful wherever you work.

Wonderful Experience for Whole Life

Daniel is the kind of person who is willing to let you try. He will let you try whatever you want to do and you can feel free to do it. He will help you gather resources: books, authorities in different industries (He might seem low-key, but he really knows a lot of people! If you attend his meetings frequently, you will understand!) In daily life, he also tells us about his experience. In your job, you can always discuss with him when you have some disagreements. As long as you can persuade him, everything is ok. I think what I learn the most here, is not to miss any chance of learning. When you leave this job, you will definitely be stronger and equipped with more ability than others in same age.

Why founded Wolf Dataware?

Daniel, founder of Wolf Dataware, starts this company because of a very simple reason. He would like to avoid any omission in medical data so that there will be no regret for patient’s friends and family. Every step in medical treatment needs to be taken care of. Any careless mistake may result in irreversible sorrow. Nowadays, most of the hospitals still require staff to fill in data manually, which makes mistakes hard to prevent. However, when hospitals try to use medical software to manage data, problems such as incompatible systems and unrevisable process occur.

As a result, through our software, medical data will be properly managed and hospitals can use Wolf Dynamic to construct different ways of diagnosis. By Wolf Dynamic, doctors can construct process management system on interface without engineer’s help. Since Wolf Dynamic uses dendrogram to make record, users can use its background to build up diagnosis process.

Hence, when there is any revision or renew needs to be done in clinical process, staff from hospitals can directly modify the system from background interface. This modification does not need engineers to change coding; hence, hospitals can reduce cost of maintenance and possibility of making mistakes. With background interface, making modification and renew in process can be more immediate.

Besides making impact in hospitals, we also hope to expand our impact toward humanitarian rescue. Now, in many places, without the help of doctors, residents rely on intellectuals to make diagnosis with simple process and give prescription. In future, in those places lack of medical resources, with our diagnosis system Wolf Diagnostic, residents can acquire suggestion of diagnosis and process of diagnosis will also be digitalized. As a result, we provide better medical care quality.

To achieve the goal, we will cooperate with non-governmental organizations, such as Yonglin Foundation, Doctors without Borders and even WHO in UN. The diagnosis system can provide remote area which has no doctors with better medical quality.

To sum up, Wolf Dataware hopes to make changes to the world. We want to protect fragile, precious lives. We ensure everyone with the ability to protect their loved ones regardless of where they live or what social status they are in.