Tools for Data Management and Analysis in Precision Medicine

Wolf Dataware believes that only with thorough collection and management of data can hospitals provide well-arranged precision medical service. We dedicate ourselves to help hospitals and research centers by providing standardized and customized data-collection. With this tool, we hope that hospitals and research centers can reach greater heights in this fast-pacing world.


Make Decision Based on Science

The Wolf Dataware system owns a flexible structure with an easy to build customized system which allows users to collect full, precise data. We help managers understand the market and treatment effect. Then we would analyze the experiment result to control the cost.

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Big Data in the Future

Understand the possible cause of every disease: living environment, habits, diet, family hereditary. Set up more precise treatment design with genetic testing.

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Benefit Analysis

In the process of biological data collection, every company has different requirements. Wolf Dataware can help every company customize its own system with SOP management system. This can automize the process and reduce the possibility of making mistakes. 

Wolf Dataware is equipped with strong docking ability, which reduces the work of transcribing data and reduces the possibility of mistakes in data transfer. After Wolf Dataware finishes collecting data, we can move on to develop new products, set up models and collect clinical data. After importing clinical treatment process, we can use clinical data to analyze the possibility of new products.

Now, Wolf Dataware is setting up clinical models with hospitals featuring cell therapy to predict the quantity of stem cell harvested per person, track results of every treatment and even understand how many cells can cure what diseases. Hence, the possibility of precision medicine can be reached.